Birthday party venues for little ones

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Your little one has a birthday coming up and the thought of a gaggle of kids causing havoc in your house is enough to send you running for the hills.   All is not lost though, as there are plenty of great venues in Wellington that offer fantastic facilities for birthday parties and sanity for parents.

Recreation Centres

Wellington’s local rec centres are awesome for kiddie parties with toys, kitchen facilities with some of the larger centres even have bouncy castles available. The rates are reasonable, especially if you factor in the clean up.
Recommended: ASB Centre Kilbirnie, Tinytown in Kilbirnie Recreation Centre, as well as Tawa, Nairnville and Karori Recreation Centres.

Kindergartens and Plunket rooms

Kindergartens (or Playcentres, Creches etc) and Plunket rooms come well equipped to host parties providing lots of toys and hours of entertainment for a birthday party. Often these places are in need of fundraising too, so you get bonus points for supporting your local community.  To find one near you, visit the New Zealand Kindergarten website, Playcentre NZ or Plunket.

StoryPlace at Te Papa

StoryPlace parties include stories, songs, dress-ups, art activities, and face painting – 45 minutes of jam-packed fun followed by a yummy meal at Te Papa cafe.

Child-friendly cafes

There are so many great child-friendly cafe’s out there, but not all would be willing to host a whole party full of kiddies.   Some cafe’s that host kids gatherings include Southern Cross, Chocolate Fish and Short Straw Cafe.

Fun with animals

Wellington’s wonderful animal parks in Wellington are perfectly geared for hosting birthday parties for little ones. Wellington Zoo’s parties include entry to the zoo and Zealandia hold parties in the yummy Rata café. Kid favourite Staglands has a number of options for parties too including a barbeque area and picnic spot.


There’s something lovely about seeing birthday party at a playground and to scout one out just head to our playground page. For the cooler winter months check out Wellington’s indoor playgrounds for some energy-burning birthday fun.
Recommended: Aotea Lagoon, Island Bay, Harcourt Park
Indoor: Junglerama

For more details on the places mentioned head to our birthday party venue page, or check out our children’s cakes and children’s party entertainment for more inspiration.

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