How to pick the right activity for your child


Nelson football's young prodigies Phillip Rollo
You’ve finally roused from your idle – don’t need to worry about packing lunches – summer haze to realise you should sign up your child to some kind of sport or activity for the coming term. With so much to choose from in Wellington, how do you get it right?  Well never fear, Citywrigglers has some great tips to help you find the right fit for your child and family.

Are they ready?

The first thing to ask is – is your child physically and emotionally ready to take part? According to, kids are ready for team sports at about 6 or 7, when they develop the right physical skills and attention span needed to listen to directions.

That doesn’t mean kids can’t take part when they’re younger. There are plenty of things for little ones, such as swim class, pre-school art or gym. Just make sure activities are more about being active or expressing creativity and having fun, rather than competition.

What suits their personality?

When choosing an activity, think about your child’s personality.  Some kids love group sports and activities, while others may do better going solo. There’s so much to choose from — like futsal, junior rugby or hockey for team-oriented kids, through to more individual activities like roller skating, bike skills, creative writing or swim class. Don’t be afraid to ‘think outside the box’ as well –unique activities like circus, confidence class or kid’s yoga could be just the right fit.

Family matters

Introducing a new sport or activity could be the start of a life-long passion or career. Just be mindful that some sports or activities may ask for more involvement than others. So before you sign up, understand the commitment required and the impact on things like holidays, homework and scheduling with other family commitments – especially if you have more than one child. It’s good to know what equipment is needed and participating costs too.

Free time

No kid (or family) likes to be over-scheduled so make sure there’s plenty of time for free and unstructured play. If you approach sports and activities as a great way for kids to be creative, learn new skills or stay active, then chances are they’ll get lot’s more enjoyment taking part too.

Check out our classes’ section for more great kid’s sports and activity ideas.
“Nelson football’s young prodigies” by Phillip Rollo is licensed under CC by 2.0

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