Grimm Bedtime Stories, Hannah Playhouse, 9 & 16 May

Grimm Bedtime Stories

When you can’t get to sleep late in the night, listen to a story fueled by fright! With mermaids, ghouls and perhaps a hag, with sights and smells sure to make you gag. But fear not, we promise you will laugh, cause our stories are silly and really quite daft.

Grimm Bedtime Stories is a hilarious and magical tale of brothers who are determined to stay up late by thrilling each other with stories. Some stories are scary, some are sweet, others are pretty disgusting. Children will be invited into this secret world, where bed sheets become landscapes, torches become monsters eyes, and where pyjamas become mystical puppets.

Shown on Saturday 9 and 16 May from 1.30pm, this show is made especially for children aged 5-10 years. The high-paced comedy adventure will thrill audiences as ghouls and hags are brought to life in clever projection design (made by the audience) and acted out by four talented cast members part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2015. For tickets and information, visit Ticketek.

Flying Child Tim Dawson

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